Can Honeycomb Paper Replace Foam And How To Do It?

Foam always being used in packaging industry. However, with its non-recycling characteristic, using foam has increased the risk of living environment destruction which increasingly polluted and unstable.

Honeycomb paperboard made from recycled paper is a proper alternative solution which solves 02 issues:

First, securing safety while transporting by its damping structure;

Second, protecting environment by its decomposition due to made from recycled paper. This is also first interest and a need condition for enterprise to export to high demand markets like US, UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc.

Karta Corporation proudly introduce applications of honeycomb paper compared to foam with wood shelf as follows:

Mrs Jade introduces honeycomb paper

Paddle made by honeycomb paper for wood shelf: 61.5 cm x 50 cm x 50cm (Height x Length x Width)

I. Tools and Materials for sample includes:

  1. 04 honeycomb paper v shape with size of: 60 x 16 cm, cut middle trench along vertical

2. 02 covers for good protection: 51 x 51 x 10 cm

  1. Corrugated box (carton box) 62 x 52 x 52 cm

II. Packaging method:

Put the shelf into the below cover

Block honeycomb paper v shape board into 4 corners

Put the cover above

You can watch details here:

The final step is to suround by nilon cover and put it into the corrugated box (carton box).

Karta Corporation always work with motto “Where the Customers are Honored” – in which practice our core value HONEST and KINDNESS in order to bring out the highest profit for our customers and society.

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Karta had a talk to students at the University of Science and Technology

Karta had a talk to students at the University of Science and Technology in July 16th on how to Compete in this nowaday chaos market.Spoken by mrs Luu Van Trang, Karta Jsc CEO.

01 – Nowaday Competitions

-Opportunities in front of us (TPP, AEC, APEC…) so is challenges( SME business could easily be destroyed…)
– No changes and development only lead bankruption. 
– Intense competitions between SME businesses.
– Tons of strategies out there.

02 – What could SME businesses do in order to win in competitions? 

– Sneak in and control the market.
– Marketing through internet and relationships. 
– Build a professional, Enthusiastic team that willing to work with you.
– Build your business cultures based on the core of your busines. 
– Never stop developing and always talk to your customers.


Time: 10h30 – 12h00,16th of July, 2016


Place: University of Science and Technology, HCM city


 This the second Karta has a talk to students at University of Science and Technology hosted by Vietnam Business Matching – VBM. Karta is proud to work with VBM on bringing valuable knowledge to the society. The core value between VBM and Karta is kind and loyal.

“Together, nothing is impossible.”

 Some pictures at the talk:

túi giấy, hộp giấy Karta

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (1)

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (2)

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (3)

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (4)

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (5)

Karta’s slogan: “Where customers are honored” – Together we believe that kind and loyal will bring the valuable values to customers and society

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Every business is like a boat. It’s easy to drive a small boat, but if it is still small like that, can it improve the lives of the employees? A boat is small or big, strong or weak that depends on human resources of each company.

The human resources story about The Director aged 70

A few months ago I visited the customer of Karta packaging company. When I arrived, I received a grand reception that I think it is worth to learn from him (he is just hired to keep the director position). He is nearly 70 years old but he still devote as young people. He has been in Vietnam for about ten years.

His first job was an engineer who creates products. Later, he was promoted to be the factory manager. Until the company expanded at Vietnam and he was appointed to be the general manager. Until now he has worked for this company for about 50 years.

He took me to see each machine and tell me about its utility enthusiastically. Sometimes he also interspersed some jokes when he told to make people happy. After his party at Phu My Golf, I was little drunk and I asked him something.

“Why his country’s companies can grow globally” I asked him. His answer made me surprised. He didn’t say that because of our quality goods or good incentives. He just said one sentence is so simple and rustic: “Because we are always honest. It’s like our live and work motto”. Most of them talk about honesty but does anyone use it for managing their own company effectively?

The story of the human resources

He gave some complaint about the human resources in Vietnam. After Tet holiday, the human resources also change because workers look for other companies with higher salary and have lot of reason to try to quit. Vietnamese people always follow the motto “January (lunar January 01) is the month for playing”. It was ingrained into the minds of the Vietnamese people that is a reason for them to absent or coma back the company late.

Then I wondered: “Why Japanese people are sticking with the company and not to change a job”. He said that there are some employees who have worked for this company for 32 years. As him, he has worked for this company for 22 years. They have devoted their lives to work for a company.

That is why the human resources in abroad is so strong? They are loyal, always dedicated and creative. They try to move step by step likes that Director. As if in Vietnam, he retired a long time ago but now he is still dedicating.

Change job problem of Vietnamese people

Do the employees in Vietnam found that it is unreasonable? Maybe many young people have a good job application skill, they think just need to work a few months to experience and then change a job.

There are some people change a job until they are old and it’s very difficult get a job at this age. Some people change a job until lose a job and forced to do temporary work
The human resources motto of Karta packaging company


With the live and work hard motto, at Karta packaging company, we have a solution for the problem about human resources in our own way.

We do not hire people like us. We also do not hire people who are different with us. We hire people have the same goal with us. Because, just having the same goal, we can support each other and increase creativity. When we work, the most important thing is that we look in the same goal.

We look about the future of Karta packaging company and the whole employees of Karta. And it’s more important is the future of the whole community.

Công ty cổ phần Karta: “Không sợ mệt, không sợ mỏi, chỉ sợ mềm.”

Karta JSC joins The VIFA HOME Fair 2014  

Fair of Furniture and Interior Decoration Vietnam in 2014 (called Vifa HOME 2014) is an annual activity by the Handicraft & Wood Industry Association of HCM City (HAWA). This fair is organized to promote the products of furniture and handicrafts manufacturer are made in Vietnam.

Why Karta JSC joins The Vifa Home 2014?

The fair was held from 06 to 09.11.2014 with over 600 booths indoors and outdoors. The fair was an opportunity for businesses in the fields of furniture, crafts, home decor, wood materials, household appliances,… promoted the brand as well as their products.

 Karta Company introduce the product to customer
Karta Company introduce the product to customer

Karta Corporation is the only business in the carton packaging industry attended this fire. We join as the supplier of raw materials for the processing furniture industry because the furniture companies have big demand of carton packaging to pack exporting products.


 Products were on display at the fair
Products were on display at the fair

The Karta Company’s booth was designed very unique. The products made from paper that has attracted the attention of visitors such as shelves made of high quality cardboard, paper honeycomb. The furniture is made of honeycomb paper completely from recycled paper and it is very environmentally friendly.


Customers interested in Interior products from cardboard
Customers interested in Interior products from cardboard

Visitors could experience the real product. They was watching and sitting on the product. The seats are made of paper that can withstand the weight of more than 100 kilograms. A lot of visitors visited our booth. They were interested in and learn more about our paper products. Customers appreciated the unique ideas, good paper with practical applicability in life.

All of the customers, who was having demand of packaging paper visited the Karta company’s booth, were get some advice about how to  select paper, boxes and packaging method to save effectively.

After participating in this fair, Karta Company has been known as the prestigious packaging paper supplier. Moreover, there were a lot of the furniture-exporting Companies became our major and close partners.



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What is the paper molding’s utility?

Paper moldings are made from several layers of paper and pressed hard. They are made up a V, L, U or 90 degrees angle. Today, paper moldings are used widely to splint, protect the edges of the product or reinforce the hardness of edge or corner of the carton during transport, storage.

Nẹp góc
Nẹp góc

The producers are so afraid of in the process of transportation and goods distribution. Many types of materials are used packaging in the traditional way are not good enough to against the strong impact. Even a small scratch can also lead to the disadvantage for the business.

nẹp góc

That is why the producers and experts chose the paper molding to protect paper corner. It is a safe, friendly environment.

Paper moldings are made from several layers of paper and pressed hard. They are made up a V, L, U or 90 degrees angle. Today, paper moldings are used widely to splint, protect the edges of the product or reinforce the hardness of edge or corner of the carton during transport, storage.


When the carton is splint the edges and corners, it will resist bumps and very solid. When packing we can stowage many classes without fear of denting. In addition, the paper moldings can also be used to make the paper pallets or packing frames to create the safety and solidity

The length and edge of the paper molding can be produced according to customer’s requirements. The edge often has width from 30 mm to 90 mm and thickness from 2 mm to 8 mm. If you want to learn more about carton paper, don’t hesitate to contact us to get the interesting advice.

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On the afternoon of May 22, 2015, Karta Company delivered 1,000 barrels for Phong Phu Industrial Zone. This is the major partner and frequent delivery of Karta.
cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú
Karta Company delivered goods at Phong Phu Industrial Zone.



Phong Phu Industrial Zone is the domestic and export garment manufacturing unit. Phong Phu International JSC has 4 branches with more than 7,000 workers. Branch of Phong Phu Company, located in Tang Nhon Phu Street, District 9, Ho Chi Minh, developed into Industrial Zone


cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú
Phong Phu International JSC in Ho Chi Minh City

Because of importing-exporting garments, Phong Phu Company needs a lot of carton barrels to pack. In particular, they very focus on the kind of quality packaging for exporting to the US, Japan, Europe, … That is why they chooses the prestigious packaging company. And for several years, they have chosen the Karta JSC.

cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú
Carton barrels are packed carefully.




Karta JSC is the big and prestigious carton manufacturing unit in the Southern region. Therefore, the company gets many orders for furniture, garments and fruits…

According to the plan, every month Phong Phu Company buys from 10000 to 12000 carton barrels to guarantee the quantity for packing operations and export.

Therefore, Karta JSC has to deliver three shipments a week for Phong Phu Company. Each shipment is from 1000 to 1200 carton barrels.

cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú

Although large companies and import-export companies buy carton barrel with big amount, they checked very carefully. When they receive goods, the product quality check department (QC) checks the specifications very carefully. Therefore, it’s difficult to find carton packaging company can meet their requirements.


cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú


Mỗi tuần 3 lần, mỗi tháng từ 12-15 lần giao hàng cho công ty Phong Phú. Mấy năm nay, Công ty cổ phần Karta luôn đáp ứng yêu cầu của khách hàng. Không những thế bên phía công ty Phong Phú còn đánh giá Karta là một trong những đối uy tín đáng tin cậy của họ.


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Pollution Problems in Vietnam

Vietnam is in the middle of rapid modernization and has had a large increase of industrialization in the recent past. Alongside this, rapid urbanization has been going on in many areas of Vietnam, especially in and around Ho Chi Minh City. As a result of this, there has been an increase in environmental pollution. Not entirely widespread but pollution can be seen localized in many spots with high intensity.  Some of the main problems can be seen below:

  1. Pollution of water.

images (19)

Currently degradation of water resources (surface and groundwater) is occurring in many urban and industrial areas around Vietnam. Groundwater is being exploited in some water plants in Hanoi and is causing significant contamination. With something as important as a community’s water supply being damaged, this pollution must be addressed.

  1. Air Pollution.

images (23)

Throughout the country there are vast industrial areas with factories pumping out large amounts of industrial waste into the air. These chemicals and pollutants do not simply disappear, but remain present in and around the surrounding areas. Inhabitants close to these industrial parks often suffer from respiratory diseases and problems with their skin and eyes.

  1. Soil Pollution

ab images (18)

Currently soil pollution is a major issue in Vietnam and very little is being done to combat its negative effects. Dumping of industrial waste into the ground is an illegal yet commonly occurring practice. Many health problems can stem from contaminated soil causing cancer in some extreme cases. Ground contamination is not only a product of dumping but also a side effect of air and water pollution. In some fields of textile dying and tanning, waste is often dumped directly into the river and these pollutants eventually find their way seeping into the ground. Pollutants in the air can also mix with rain causing harmful acidic rain which soaks into the soil. The soil is so important in Vietnam for farming and agricultural reasons and there is so much damage being done.

 The Solution to reduce environmental pollution:

The increasing problem of environmental pollution means that there is an urgent necessity to do something about it. People and communities need to begin taking necessary measures to help contribute combat environmental pollution. There are many ways that individuals can help to reduce environmental pollution such as; disposing of garbage correctly, saving electricity, saving water, buying environmentally friendly products etc.

images (26)

…. and planting trees

When using products made from recycled paper, people can help release some of the pressure on the environment.  Karta strives for a friendly stance on the environment and actively conducts business in accordance to environmental safety.

tải xuống (10)                        images (23)

honeycomb 7      carton 3

With us, you will play a part in the effort to protect and improve the environment. It is up to us to leave a healthy environment for the generations to come and it is never too late to begin thinking of ways we can contribute!

Please Contact Karta for the best support or any information regarding Paper Edge Cappings!

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Writed by: Rin Vo

Date: 08-Apr-2015

The role of Edge capping Paper (Corner Bracket/Angle nestled )

In the manufacturing, storage and freight industry there is a lot of time for damage to occur, especially if the product is being handled many times during exportation. Damage to new goods during these procedures is highly frustrating and avoiding this should be high on any company’s agenda. Traditional methods such as foam are often inadequate and are often not environmentally friendly. This is where Karta’s, sturdy and environmentally friendly, Paper Edge Cappings come in.

Paper edge cappings are becoming the standard in providing safe compensation to regular boxing.  Not only do they provide a tighter fit but also give much needed safety to edges and corners, which are most likely to come in contact with hard surfaces when transported.

nep goc 4

With its unique composition paper edge cappings can be constructed to almost any size, length or angle. They can easily be used in conjunction with film wrap, straps and ties to provide the highest level of security for edged products. The quality and bearing capacity can be precisely tailored to specific product needs, which enable products to have perfectly fitting edge protectors that maximize safety.

nep goc 7

Recycled paper products are the source material for our edge cappings. Using our products will not only provide a much higher level of safety to goods but customers can feel comforted in the fact that our focus is also on conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner. These edge cappings will bring more security during transport and also raise the reputation of companies by showing customers that they care about maintaining the integrity of goods.

Please Contact Karta for the best support or any information regarding Paper Edge Cappings!

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Writed by: Rin Vo

Date: 08-Apr-2015

Application of Honeycomb paper

With Honeycombs light but very strong nature it is gradually becoming a hig hly demanded product in more and more industries:

-Furniture and crafts:

images (5)images (24)



Honeycomb products can be used in the making of tables, cabinets and simple furniture to lower the costs and increase its usefulness.

-The Decorative industry:

images (29)   kraft1      images (26)

Honeycomb products can be used in producing many decorative items from lighting to tables, to interiors of cars and boats to pieces of art.

-Packaging industry:

tải xuống (9) tải xuống (10)

Various forms of boxes and cartons can be made out of Honeycomb paper, including Durable Pallets that reduce the overall weight and cost of your exports.

-The Mechanics:

images (23)       images (30)

Honeycomb sheets can be applied to the inside of doors, furniture or walls with the Honeycomb covered by layers of MDF, wood, plastic, aluminium or paper.

-Construction industry:

images (32) tải xuống (8)

Honeycomb paper can act as an insulating agent which can provide an alternative way of soundproofing and insulating walls.

-Honeycomb Pallets:

honeycomb pallet1

A very strong yet light Pallet can be made from Honeycomb and is perfect for lowering costs of exporting. Environmentally friendly and resistant to high forces, they are a great choice for transportation.

Please contact us for any information, questions or quotes!

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Writer: Rin Vo

Date: 02-Apr-2015

The properties of Honeycomb paper in Vietnam

Honeycomb paper is a specialized material with attributes that are perfect for packaging. Alongside this basic use for honeycomb there are many other uses ranging from decretive to architectural.

honeycomb 2


In Vietnam today we are creating all sizes and styles of this dynamic paper and wish to share our products with other prospering companies.

Some main features can be seen below:

– It is compact, solid and able to withstand high levels of vibration. It has a high elasticity so honeycomb products will maintain their shape even if there is added stress. This dynamic product is very suitable for exporting goods as it provides a high level of safety.

– Honeycomb paper can be used for simple box packaging, made into cost efficient pallets which are as durable as traditional pallets but lighter and safer. Also this versatile material can be used in the construction sector, in the interiors of doors, walls and shelves, and even be made into decorative pieces for home interiors or gifts.

honeycomb 7

– Honeycomb paper products have a rapid decomposition rate and are hopefully recycled again and turned into more paper products similar to the ones which sourced our honeycomb in the first place.

Please contact us for any information, questions or quotes!

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Writer: Rin Vo

Date: 02-Apr-2015

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