Every business is like a boat. It’s easy to drive a small boat, but if it is still small like that, can it improve the lives of the employees? A boat is small or big, strong or weak that depends on human resources of each company. The human resources story about The Director aged 70 […]

Pollution Problems in Vietnam

Vietnam is in the middle of rapid modernization and has had a large increase of industrialization in the recent past. Alongside this, rapid urbanization has been going on in many areas of Vietnam, especially in and around Ho Chi Minh City. As a result of this, there has been an increase in environmental pollution. Not […]

The role of Edge capping Paper (Corner Bracket/Angle nestled )

In the manufacturing, storage and freight industry there is a lot of time for damage to occur, especially if the product is being handled many times during exportation. Damage to new goods during these procedures is highly frustrating and avoiding this should be high on any company’s agenda. Traditional methods such as foam are often […]

Application of Honeycomb paper

With Honeycombs light but very strong nature it is gradually becoming a hig hly demanded product in more and more industries: -Furniture and crafts:     Honeycomb products can be used in the making of tables, cabinets and simple furniture to lower the costs and increase its usefulness. -The Decorative industry:           Honeycomb […]

Use of recycled paper for environmental protection

As the world continues to head into a technologically reliant state more and more raw materials are needed to develop the endless amount of goods produced. We as humans receive the benefit of this in the form of goods and services but it is our environment that is suffering. A huge strain is being placed […]

How to choose the Carton in Viet Nam?

Clearly the best way to preserve goods during transport is with a paper carton. In addition to providing the necessary protection there is the added benefit of having your company’s logo printed onto the packaging providing additional brand marketing.  With Karta, our carton products are recycled so your business will also contribute to lower environmental […]

Cardboard box or paper Cartons

Cardboard box or paper Cartons are a combination of different types of paper which form together to make a cardboard sheet, which is then folded and constructed into the form of a box. With the obvious use being protecting goods during transport and storage, there is also the added benefit of promoting a company or […]

What are edge Capping’s?

During the production, packaging and transportation processes goods can be arranged in a manner which can cause them to move around in their packaging, often causing unnecessary damage to the product before even reaching the customer. Using edge protectors not only provides additional protection to goods but also greatly assists by providing a much tighter […]

Honeycomb Paper Pallets

Honeycomb Paper Pallets are designed to bring the highest level of durability and load bearing capacity possible from a paper based product. These honeycomb pallets have the advantage of being light weigh, easy to transport and of course friendly to the environment. Each Honeycomb pallet is treated with a mild disinfectant spray which ensures that […]


  Honeycomb paper is a simple, yet very versatile material which can be used for many packaging and building needs. Being primarily made from high quality recycled paper it is not only strong, light and ethical pleasing but also environmentally friendly. As the name suggest honeycomb paper is constructed with two outer paper sheets and a paper hexagonal interior, […]

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