What is the paper molding’s utility?

Paper moldings are made from several layers of paper and pressed hard. They are made up a V, L, U or 90 degrees angle. Today, paper moldings are used widely to splint, protect the edges of the product or reinforce the hardness of edge or corner of the carton during transport, storage. The producers are […]

The role of Edge capping Paper (Corner Bracket/Angle nestled )

In the manufacturing, storage and freight industry there is a lot of time for damage to occur, especially if the product is being handled many times during exportation. Damage to new goods during these procedures is highly frustrating and avoiding this should be high on any company’s agenda. Traditional methods such as foam are often […]

Paper Edge capping’s

Paper capping’s ( Corner Bracket/Angle nestled Paper) are made from many layers of paper hard pressed together to form a solid and very protective edge cover for furniture and home décor. Moulds can be pressed to fit any edge, corner, angle or shape. The length, width and all other dimensions can be made to specific […]

What are edge Capping’s?

During the production, packaging and transportation processes goods can be arranged in a manner which can cause them to move around in their packaging, often causing unnecessary damage to the product before even reaching the customer. Using edge protectors not only provides additional protection to goods but also greatly assists by providing a much tighter […]

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