Foam always being used in packaging industry. However, with its non-recycling characteristic, using foam has increased the risk of living environment destruction which increasingly polluted and unstable.

Honeycomb paperboard made from recycled paper is a proper alternative solution which solves 02 issues:

First, securing safety while transporting by its damping structure;

Second, protecting environment by its decomposition due to made from recycled paper. This is also first interest and a need condition for enterprise to export to high demand markets like US, UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc.

Karta Corporation proudly introduce applications of honeycomb paper compared to foam with wood shelf as follows:

Mrs Jade introduces honeycomb paper

Paddle made by honeycomb paper for wood shelf: 61.5 cm x 50 cm x 50cm (Height x Length x Width)

I. Tools and Materials for sample includes:

  1. 04 honeycomb paper v shape with size of: 60 x 16 cm, cut middle trench along vertical

2. 02 covers for good protection: 51 x 51 x 10 cm

  1. Corrugated box (carton box) 62 x 52 x 52 cm

II. Packaging method:

Put the shelf into the below cover

Block honeycomb paper v shape board into 4 corners

Put the cover above

You can watch details here:

The final step is to suround by nilon cover and put it into the corrugated box (carton box).

Karta Corporation always work with motto “Where the Customers are Honored” – in which practice our core value HONEST and KINDNESS in order to bring out the highest profit for our customers and society.

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Karta chuyên cung cấp giấy tổ ong (honeycomb paper), bao bì carton (corrugated box), thanh nẹp (V shape board) và pallet giấy (paper pallet) chất lượng cao đạt chuẩn quốc tế do SGS chứng nhận. Ghé thăm website: để biết thêm chi tiết hoặc liên hệ hotline: +84 913 049 202 hoặc email: để nhận TƯ VẤN MIỄN PHÍ.

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