Honeycomb Paper Pallets

Honeycomb Paper Pallets are designed to bring the highest level of durability and load bearing capacity possible from a paper based product. These honeycomb pallets have the advantage of being light weigh, easy to transport and of course friendly to the environment.

Each Honeycomb pallet is treated with a mild disinfectant spray which ensures that no bacteria or mould will grow. Honeycomb pallets are a great alternative to traditional wooden or plastic pallets as they reduce the overall weight of you exports whilst also providing a safer platform for goods without any nails or sharp edges.

honeycomb pallet2

-Pallet thickness of 30mm accepts a force of: 1500 – 2500 Kg

-Pallet thickness of 20mm accepts a force of: 500 – 1500 Kg

-Pallets can be constructed to withstand a higher force if customers require.

Writer: Rin Vo

Date: 26-Mar-2015

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