Honeycomb Paper is not new to the world packaging market and Vietnam also. This unique type of paper has its advantages of being compact, solid and also elastic to resist high levels of stresses and shockes. Often used in the packaging and carrying of goods but also has its place in architectural interiors i.e. doors and walls. Another advantage of honeycomb paper use will help low costs in export and production process.

In addition to practical uses, Honeycomb Paper is also environment – friendly. The raw material mostly made by recycled paper, which is easy to handle and non-toxic compared to hazardous materials being use currently. Using Honeycomb products may boost your reputation and in fact, it becomes one of the most favored products in many global manufacturing operations.

What is Honeycomb Paper?

Honeycomb Paper is simply a three layered material with its interior (core) resembling the hexagonally structured Honeycomb. This honeycomb core stands vertically in top and bottom Kraft/surface paper lies across horizontally, covering the internal structure. Each dimension of Honeycomb Paper may be changed to fit any requirements.

Properties of Paper honeycomb?

Honeycomb Paper is a superior material which shows high potential in the future. It can be proved in two main ways:

-Compact, Sturdy, hygroscopic and able to withstand vibrations whilst and strong elasticity. Honeycomb products are perfect for many exporting needs.

-Honeycomb products have a fast decomposition rate if dumped, causing no environmental pollution or can alternatively be recycled again into raw materials used to manufacture paper.  

How Honeycomb Paper is manufactured?

The easiest way to understand the production process of Honeycomb paper is by dividing it into three main phases:

-Manufacturing the core: includes stitch adhesive, pulling the core and cutting to the thickness required.

-Gluing the top and bottom adhesive layers to the core then pressing and drying.

-Finally cutting to the length and width required by the customer’s specifications.

Below is the manufacturing process in our Honeycomb Paper:



Application of honeycomb Paper products?

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Honeycomb Paper may cater to a wide range of uses:

-Furniture and crafts: can be used in the making of tables, cabinets and simple furniture to lower the costs and increase its usefulness.

-The Decorative industry: can be used in producing many decorative items. Anything from; lighting, to tables, to interiors of cars and boats.

Packaging industry: Various forms of boxes and cartons can be made, including Durable Pallets that reduce the overall weight and cost for export.

-Mechanics: its sheets can be used for the inside of doors, furniture or walls and covered by layers of MDF, wood, plastic, aluminum or paper.

-Construction industry: can act as an insulating agent which provides an alternative way of soundproofing and insulating walls.  

-Honeycomb Pallets: perfect for lowering costs of exporting, a great choice for transportation.

Beside Honeycomb Paper, we are an expert in packaging solutions. Following the standards of the EU, US and Canadian market, we provide environment – friendly products that have no long-term damages. Please contact us now for FREE ADVICES about our products!


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Dated: 05-Mar-2015

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Karta chuyên cung cấp giấy tổ ong (honeycomb paper), bao bì carton (corrugated box), thanh nẹp (V shape board) và pallet giấy (paper pallet) chất lượng cao đạt chuẩn quốc tế do SGS chứng nhận. Ghé thăm website: https://karta.vn để biết thêm chi tiết hoặc liên hệ hotline: +84 913 049 202 hoặc email: info@karta.vn để nhận TƯ VẤN MIỄN PHÍ.

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