Clearly the best way to preserve goods during transport is with a paper carton. In addition to providing the necessary protection there is the added benefit of having your company’s logo printed onto the packaging providing additional brand marketing.  With Karta, our carton products are recycled so your business will also contribute to lower environmental impacts. There are many different Cartons on the market and it can be difficult choosing the one most appropriate for your product. The following information will help with deciding which carton is most suitable.

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Select according to the cartons features.

Products become easily loadable and movable when placed into cartons and they also preserve and protect the goods inside. Each commodity has different packaging requirements and Karta can create cartons with many different colours, sizes, thicknesses, weight bearing capacity and even varying levels of water resistance, all tailored to the customers’ requirements.

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Currently paper cartons are largely imported from countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand. As Vietnam has moved into this industry companies like our-self have imported high quality machinery and now our products are just as good as any from the countries mentioned earlier but can be purchased for up to 30% cheaper in some cases.

Select the purpose of use:

Cartons consist of at least two parts: the outer layers, which consist of 2 paper sheets varying in strength, colour and water resistance. The inner layer/layers, (flute) which is the wavy corrugated paper which reduces vibrations from transportation and provides safety from impact. Cartons are often used to store anything from electronic goods to clothing to foods to furniture, they are very versatile and when chosen properly they can provide the greatest protection for your products.

There are three main types of carton layers; the 3 layered carton, which is common for regular goods which are not overly heavy or delicate but still provides a good level of sturdy protection. The 5 layered carton which is stronger and is used for goods which are a bit more valuable larger. Finally the 7 layered carton is the strongest and by far the most robust, being able to protect the highest quality goods or providing a very large carton which maintains its rigidity and shape.

3lop 5 lop 7 lop

Many of the cartons have a high resistance to harmful agents and building materials, as the adhesive properties between the layers keeps out heat, moisture and other particles.

To choose the perfect carton for your products you should understand how the different cartons best work with what goods. Contacting us with the specifics of your product is the best way for us to advise you on which carton is most suitable.


Choosing the right top and bottom paper layers of the carton paper is very important. The quality and strength of the carton can be greatly altered with different combinations of the outer paper.  Using a higher strength paper can increase the load bearing capacity of a carton without adding much extra weight.  So this will reduce the total weight of goods which is of course good for exports.

Karta offers many different types of cartons, from large to small to thick to thin and ranging in colour. We can cater to any of your packaging needs. The packaging contributes to the overall look of your product and we strive to make the best quality cartons and label printing!

Please contact us for any information, questions or quotes!

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Writer: Rin Vo

Date: 31-Mar-2015

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Karta chuyên cung cấp giấy tổ ong (honeycomb paper), bao bì carton (corrugated box), thanh nẹp (V shape board) và pallet giấy (paper pallet) chất lượng cao đạt chuẩn quốc tế do SGS chứng nhận. Ghé thăm website: để biết thêm chi tiết hoặc liên hệ hotline: +84 913 049 202 hoặc email: để nhận TƯ VẤN MIỄN PHÍ.

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  1. Hi,
    We are looking for reasonably priced cardboard and honeycomb boards suppliers. We are a manufacturing and export company based in Lapulapu City, Cebu, Philippines and we sell to THD and SAM’s Club, along with other catalog buyers in the US.

    Can you send us your CFR/CIF prices for the ff:
    honeycomb boards: 32mm and 60mm
    200 psi cardboard,  
    250 psi cardboard,  
    275 psi cardboard,  
    300 psi cardboard,  


  2. Dear Madam/Sir

    Nice to meet you!
    I am Shimizu from Yamasan Foods Inc, Toyama, Japan.
    I am the person in charge of finding new suppliers that can provide cardboard boxes with us in Vietnam, we are very interested in your products.

    Would you mind if we would ask you to sumbit your quotation?
    We just would like to know whether your service are currently available or not.
    As for the specifications of our boxes , we will let you know the deails of size, flute type paper weight etc, later on.
    So. please contact me at E-mail (

    We look forward to hearing from you soon as soon as you get this mail.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration

    Best Regards

    Yuichi Shimizu | Business Planning Department
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