On the afternoon of May 22, 2015, Karta Company delivered 1,000 barrels for Phong Phu Industrial Zone. This is the major partner and frequent delivery of Karta.
cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú
Karta Company delivered goods at Phong Phu Industrial Zone.



Phong Phu Industrial Zone is the domestic and export garment manufacturing unit. Phong Phu International JSC has 4 branches with more than 7,000 workers. Branch of Phong Phu Company, located in Tang Nhon Phu Street, District 9, Ho Chi Minh, developed into Industrial Zone


cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú
Phong Phu International JSC in Ho Chi Minh City

Because of importing-exporting garments, Phong Phu Company needs a lot of carton barrels to pack. In particular, they very focus on the kind of quality packaging for exporting to the US, Japan, Europe, … That is why they chooses the prestigious packaging company. And for several years, they have chosen the Karta JSC.

cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú
Carton barrels are packed carefully.




Karta JSC is the big and prestigious carton manufacturing unit in the Southern region. Therefore, the company gets many orders for furniture, garments and fruits…

According to the plan, every month Phong Phu Company buys from 10000 to 12000 carton barrels to guarantee the quantity for packing operations and export.

Therefore, Karta JSC has to deliver three shipments a week for Phong Phu Company. Each shipment is from 1000 to 1200 carton barrels.

cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú

Although large companies and import-export companies buy carton barrel with big amount, they checked very carefully. When they receive goods, the product quality check department (QC) checks the specifications very carefully. Therefore, it’s difficult to find carton packaging company can meet their requirements.


cong-ty-co-phan-karta-giao-bao-bi-giay cho cụm công nghiệp phong phú


Mỗi tuần 3 lần, mỗi tháng từ 12-15 lần giao hàng cho công ty Phong Phú. Mấy năm nay, Công ty cổ phần Karta luôn đáp ứng yêu cầu của khách hàng. Không những thế bên phía công ty Phong Phú còn đánh giá Karta là một trong những đối uy tín đáng tin cậy của họ.


Please Contact Karta for the best support or any information regarding Paper Edge Cappings!

37 Nguyen Ba Huan, Thao Dien ward, destrict 2,  HCM city

Tel: (08) 3 744 6686 — Fax : 0837446618—hotline : 093 8866 322



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