Karta had a talk to students at the University of Science and Technology in July 16th on how to Compete in this nowaday chaos market.Spoken by mrs Luu Van Trang, Karta Jsc CEO.

01 – Nowaday Competitions

-Opportunities in front of us (TPP, AEC, APEC…) so is challenges( SME business could easily be destroyed…)
– No changes and development only lead bankruption. 
– Intense competitions between SME businesses.
– Tons of strategies out there.

02 – What could SME businesses do in order to win in competitions? 

– Sneak in and control the market.
– Marketing through internet and relationships. 
– Build a professional, Enthusiastic team that willing to work with you.
– Build your business cultures based on the core of your busines. 
– Never stop developing and always talk to your customers.


Time: 10h30 – 12h00,16th of July, 2016


Place: University of Science and Technology, HCM city


 This the second Karta has a talk to students at University of Science and Technology hosted by Vietnam Business Matching – VBM. Karta is proud to work with VBM on bringing valuable knowledge to the society. The core value between VBM and Karta is kind and loyal.

“Together, nothing is impossible.”

 Some pictures at the talk:

túi giấy, hộp giấy Karta

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (1)

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (2)

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (3)

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (4)

Karta tham gia Phiên chợ khởi nghiệp lần 1 (5)

Karta’s slogan: “Where customers are honored” – Together we believe that kind and loyal will bring the valuable values to customers and society

Customers who need carton packaging, honeycomb paper for core use please contact hotline: 0913 049 202 or email: info@karta.vn for free quotes and consultations.

Karta – “Where customers are honored”

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Hotline: 0913 049 202 | Email: info@karta.vn

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