Pollution Problems in Vietnam

Vietnam is in the middle of rapid modernization and has had a large increase of industrialization in the recent past. Alongside this, rapid urbanization has been going on in many areas of Vietnam, especially in and around Ho Chi Minh City. As a result of this, there has been an increase in environmental pollution. Not entirely widespread but pollution can be seen localized in many spots with high intensity.  Some of the main problems can be seen below:

  1. Pollution of water.

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Currently degradation of water resources (surface and groundwater) is occurring in many urban and industrial areas around Vietnam. Groundwater is being exploited in some water plants in Hanoi and is causing significant contamination. With something as important as a community’s water supply being damaged, this pollution must be addressed.

  1. Air Pollution.

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Throughout the country there are vast industrial areas with factories pumping out large amounts of industrial waste into the air. These chemicals and pollutants do not simply disappear, but remain present in and around the surrounding areas. Inhabitants close to these industrial parks often suffer from respiratory diseases and problems with their skin and eyes.

  1. Soil Pollution

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Currently soil pollution is a major issue in Vietnam and very little is being done to combat its negative effects. Dumping of industrial waste into the ground is an illegal yet commonly occurring practice. Many health problems can stem from contaminated soil causing cancer in some extreme cases. Ground contamination is not only a product of dumping but also a side effect of air and water pollution. In some fields of textile dying and tanning, waste is often dumped directly into the river and these pollutants eventually find their way seeping into the ground. Pollutants in the air can also mix with rain causing harmful acidic rain which soaks into the soil. The soil is so important in Vietnam for farming and agricultural reasons and there is so much damage being done.

 The Solution to reduce environmental pollution:

The increasing problem of environmental pollution means that there is an urgent necessity to do something about it. People and communities need to begin taking necessary measures to help contribute combat environmental pollution. There are many ways that individuals can help to reduce environmental pollution such as; disposing of garbage correctly, saving electricity, saving water, buying environmentally friendly products etc.

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…. and planting trees

When using products made from recycled paper, people can help release some of the pressure on the environment.  Karta strives for a friendly stance on the environment and actively conducts business in accordance to environmental safety.

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With us, you will play a part in the effort to protect and improve the environment. It is up to us to leave a healthy environment for the generations to come and it is never too late to begin thinking of ways we can contribute!

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Writed by: Rin Vo

Date: 08-Apr-2015

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