Pollution Problems in Vietnam

Vietnam is in the middle of rapid modernization and has had a large increase of industrialization in the recent past. Alongside this, rapid urbanization has been going on in many areas of Vietnam, especially in and around Ho Chi Minh City. As a result of this, there has been an increase in environmental pollution. Not […]

Use of recycled paper for environmental protection

As the world continues to head into a technologically reliant state more and more raw materials are needed to develop the endless amount of goods produced. We as humans receive the benefit of this in the form of goods and services but it is our environment that is suffering. A huge strain is being placed […]

Honeycomb paper summary

Honeycomb Paper is not new to the world packaging market and Vietnam also. This unique type of paper has its advantages of being compact, solid and also elastic to resist high levels of stresses and shockes. Often used in the packaging and carrying of goods but also has its place in architectural interiors i.e. doors […]

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