Every business is like a boat. It’s easy to drive a small boat, but if it is still small like that, can it improve the lives of the employees? A boat is small or big, strong or weak that depends on human resources of each company.

The human resources story about The Director aged 70

A few months ago I visited the customer of Karta packaging company. When I arrived, I received a grand reception that I think it is worth to learn from him (he is just hired to keep the director position). He is nearly 70 years old but he still devote as young people. He has been in Vietnam for about ten years.

His first job was an engineer who creates products. Later, he was promoted to be the factory manager. Until the company expanded at Vietnam and he was appointed to be the general manager. Until now he has worked for this company for about 50 years.

He took me to see each machine and tell me about its utility enthusiastically. Sometimes he also interspersed some jokes when he told to make people happy. After his party at Phu My Golf, I was little drunk and I asked him something.

“Why his country’s companies can grow globally” I asked him. His answer made me surprised. He didn’t say that because of our quality goods or good incentives. He just said one sentence is so simple and rustic: “Because we are always honest. It’s like our live and work motto”. Most of them talk about honesty but does anyone use it for managing their own company effectively?

The story of the human resources

He gave some complaint about the human resources in Vietnam. After Tet holiday, the human resources also change because workers look for other companies with higher salary and have lot of reason to try to quit. Vietnamese people always follow the motto “January (lunar January 01) is the month for playing”. It was ingrained into the minds of the Vietnamese people that is a reason for them to absent or coma back the company late.

Then I wondered: “Why Japanese people are sticking with the company and not to change a job”. He said that there are some employees who have worked for this company for 32 years. As him, he has worked for this company for 22 years. They have devoted their lives to work for a company.

That is why the human resources in abroad is so strong? They are loyal, always dedicated and creative. They try to move step by step likes that Director. As if in Vietnam, he retired a long time ago but now he is still dedicating.

Change job problem of Vietnamese people

Do the employees in Vietnam found that it is unreasonable? Maybe many young people have a good job application skill, they think just need to work a few months to experience and then change a job.

There are some people change a job until they are old and it’s very difficult get a job at this age. Some people change a job until lose a job and forced to do temporary work
The human resources motto of Karta packaging company


With the live and work hard motto, at Karta packaging company, we have a solution for the problem about human resources in our own way.

We do not hire people like us. We also do not hire people who are different with us. We hire people have the same goal with us. Because, just having the same goal, we can support each other and increase creativity. When we work, the most important thing is that we look in the same goal.

We look about the future of Karta packaging company and the whole employees of Karta. And it’s more important is the future of the whole community.

Công ty cổ phần Karta: “Không sợ mệt, không sợ mỏi, chỉ sợ mềm.”

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