In the manufacturing, storage and freight industry there is a lot of time for damage to occur, especially if the product is being handled many times during exportation. Damage to new goods during these procedures is highly frustrating and avoiding this should be high on any company’s agenda. Traditional methods such as foam are often inadequate and are often not environmentally friendly. This is where Karta’s, sturdy and environmentally friendly, Paper Edge Cappings come in.

Paper edge cappings are becoming the standard in providing safe compensation to regular boxing.  Not only do they provide a tighter fit but also give much needed safety to edges and corners, which are most likely to come in contact with hard surfaces when transported.

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With its unique composition paper edge cappings can be constructed to almost any size, length or angle. They can easily be used in conjunction with film wrap, straps and ties to provide the highest level of security for edged products. The quality and bearing capacity can be precisely tailored to specific product needs, which enable products to have perfectly fitting edge protectors that maximize safety.

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Recycled paper products are the source material for our edge cappings. Using our products will not only provide a much higher level of safety to goods but customers can feel comforted in the fact that our focus is also on conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner. These edge cappings will bring more security during transport and also raise the reputation of companies by showing customers that they care about maintaining the integrity of goods.

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Writed by: Rin Vo

Date: 08-Apr-2015

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Karta chuyên cung cấp giấy tổ ong (honeycomb paper), bao bì carton (corrugated box), thanh nẹp (V shape board) và pallet giấy (paper pallet) chất lượng cao đạt chuẩn quốc tế do SGS chứng nhận. Ghé thăm website: để biết thêm chi tiết hoặc liên hệ hotline: +84 913 049 202 hoặc email: để nhận TƯ VẤN MIỄN PHÍ.

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