As the world continues to head into a technologically reliant state more and more raw materials are needed to develop the endless amount of goods produced. We as humans receive the benefit of this in the form of goods and services but it is our environment that is suffering. A huge strain is being placed on our forests as thousands of trees are cut down every day and a lot are being used for paper production.


As a result of this there is more demand for environmentally friendly goods and Karta is here to supply these through recycled paper based products!

Conservation of natural forests

The high demand for paper and the pulp which is required from logs has depleted many of the world’s natural forests and converted many into production forests. Destroying these natural forests causes many problems to the ecosystem and habitat of plant and wildlife, which is most often irreversible.


North America is where most of the wood used to manufacture paper is sourced. In nearly 50 years (1953 to 1999) the area of natural coniferous forests in North America has decreased by more than half (from 72 million hectares to 33 million hectares). Meanwhile, coniferous forests planted purely for production has increased from 2 million hectares to 32 million hectares and this number is expected to rise to 54 million hectares by 2040.

These forests planted only for harvest provide much less habitat for animals and do not encourage biological diversity causing a loss of many plant and animal species in heavily forested areas.

Production of recycled paper requires nowhere near the amount of logs to be cut which helps:

-Preserve natural forests

-Reduce the pressure of converting natural forests and wetlands into commercial production forests

-Preserve the full value a forest ecosystem has to provide, including fresh water, oxygen and maintaining biodiversity among plant and animal life.

Reducing C02 emissions

Every day humans exhale approximately 10 times more C02 than we breathe in. Trees are one of the main naturally occurring agents which combat this phenomenon by absorbing and storing this C02.

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Young trees absorb C02 at a faster rate than older trees but on the other hand older trees have a far greater storage capacity meaning they are more valuable in the overall absorption of C02 and greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

If recycled paper is demanded and becomes more popular then there will be less strain on forests resulting in a higher level of C02 absorption. Paper which is not recycled will not only be wasted, but will be buried in landfills where methane decomposition and formation can occur and seep into the atmosphere.

Recycling paper requires less logging and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing Solid Waste

Recycled paper reduces the amount of waste which ends up in landfills. Paper can be recycled up to six times before it needs to be burnt or wasted. So if all paper was recycled to its full potential of six times then there would be a drastic decrease in the amount of paper solid waste.

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Reducing solid waste has many positive outcomes that start with there simply being less rubbish in our ground. Water quality can be improved by there more recycled paper. Not only can water be contaminated by waste but with less water being needed to create recycled paper than new paper, we can preserve more.

As Karta has a strong stance on keeping the environment safe it is our belief that using and producing recycled paper is a positive move for the packaging industry. Our products are produced from almost entirely recycled materials and we are proud of this!

Writed by: Rin Vo (

Date: 27-Mar-2015

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