Use of recycled paper for environmental protection

As the world continues to head into a technologically reliant state more and more raw materials are needed to develop the endless amount of goods produced. We as humans receive the benefit of this in the form of goods and services but it is our environment that is suffering. A huge strain is being placed on our forests as thousands of trees are cut down every day and a lot are being used for paper production.


As a result of this there is more demand for environmentally friendly goods and Karta is here to supply these through recycled paper based products!

Conservation of natural forests

The high demand for paper and the pulp which is required from logs has depleted many of the world’s natural forests and converted many into production forests. Destroying these natural forests causes many problems to the ecosystem and habitat of plant and wildlife, which is most often irreversible.


North America is where most of the wood used to manufacture paper is sourced. In nearly 50 years (1953 to 1999) the area of natural coniferous forests in North America has decreased by more than half (from 72 million hectares to 33 million hectares). Meanwhile, coniferous forests planted purely for production has increased from 2 million hectares to 32 million hectares and this number is expected to rise to 54 million hectares by 2040.

These forests planted only for harvest provide much less habitat for animals and do not encourage biological diversity causing a loss of many plant and animal species in heavily forested areas.

Production of recycled paper requires nowhere near the amount of logs to be cut which helps:

-Preserve natural forests

-Reduce the pressure of converting natural forests and wetlands into commercial production forests

-Preserve the full value a forest ecosystem has to provide, including fresh water, oxygen and maintaining biodiversity among plant and animal life.

Reducing C02 emissions

Every day humans exhale approximately 10 times more C02 than we breathe in. Trees are one of the main naturally occurring agents which combat this phenomenon by absorbing and storing this C02.

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Young trees absorb C02 at a faster rate than older trees but on the other hand older trees have a far greater storage capacity meaning they are more valuable in the overall absorption of C02 and greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

If recycled paper is demanded and becomes more popular then there will be less strain on forests resulting in a higher level of C02 absorption. Paper which is not recycled will not only be wasted, but will be buried in landfills where methane decomposition and formation can occur and seep into the atmosphere.

Recycling paper requires less logging and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing Solid Waste

Recycled paper reduces the amount of waste which ends up in landfills. Paper can be recycled up to six times before it needs to be burnt or wasted. So if all paper was recycled to its full potential of six times then there would be a drastic decrease in the amount of paper solid waste.

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Reducing solid waste has many positive outcomes that start with there simply being less rubbish in our ground. Water quality can be improved by there more recycled paper. Not only can water be contaminated by waste but with less water being needed to create recycled paper than new paper, we can preserve more.

As Karta has a strong stance on keeping the environment safe it is our belief that using and producing recycled paper is a positive move for the packaging industry. Our products are produced from almost entirely recycled materials and we are proud of this!

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Date: 27-Mar-2015

How to choose the Carton in Viet Nam?

Clearly the best way to preserve goods during transport is with a paper carton. In addition to providing the necessary protection there is the added benefit of having your company’s logo printed onto the packaging providing additional brand marketing.  With Karta, our carton products are recycled so your business will also contribute to lower environmental impacts. There are many different Cartons on the market and it can be difficult choosing the one most appropriate for your product. The following information will help with deciding which carton is most suitable.

carton 3

Select according to the cartons features.

Products become easily loadable and movable when placed into cartons and they also preserve and protect the goods inside. Each commodity has different packaging requirements and Karta can create cartons with many different colours, sizes, thicknesses, weight bearing capacity and even varying levels of water resistance, all tailored to the customers’ requirements.

images (10)

Currently paper cartons are largely imported from countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand. As Vietnam has moved into this industry companies like our-self have imported high quality machinery and now our products are just as good as any from the countries mentioned earlier but can be purchased for up to 30% cheaper in some cases.

Select the purpose of use:

Cartons consist of at least two parts: the outer layers, which consist of 2 paper sheets varying in strength, colour and water resistance. The inner layer/layers, (flute) which is the wavy corrugated paper which reduces vibrations from transportation and provides safety from impact. Cartons are often used to store anything from electronic goods to clothing to foods to furniture, they are very versatile and when chosen properly they can provide the greatest protection for your products.

There are three main types of carton layers; the 3 layered carton, which is common for regular goods which are not overly heavy or delicate but still provides a good level of sturdy protection. The 5 layered carton which is stronger and is used for goods which are a bit more valuable larger. Finally the 7 layered carton is the strongest and by far the most robust, being able to protect the highest quality goods or providing a very large carton which maintains its rigidity and shape.

3lop 5 lop 7 lop

Many of the cartons have a high resistance to harmful agents and building materials, as the adhesive properties between the layers keeps out heat, moisture and other particles.

To choose the perfect carton for your products you should understand how the different cartons best work with what goods. Contacting us with the specifics of your product is the best way for us to advise you on which carton is most suitable.


Choosing the right top and bottom paper layers of the carton paper is very important. The quality and strength of the carton can be greatly altered with different combinations of the outer paper.  Using a higher strength paper can increase the load bearing capacity of a carton without adding much extra weight.  So this will reduce the total weight of goods which is of course good for exports.

Karta offers many different types of cartons, from large to small to thick to thin and ranging in colour. We can cater to any of your packaging needs. The packaging contributes to the overall look of your product and we strive to make the best quality cartons and label printing!

Please contact us for any information, questions or quotes!

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Date: 31-Mar-2015

Cardboard box or paper Cartons

Cardboard box or paper Cartons are a combination of different types of paper which form together to make a cardboard sheet, which is then folded and constructed into the form of a box. With the obvious use being protecting goods during transport and storage, there is also the added benefit of promoting a company or brand with images printed onto the box.

The different layers/thicknesses

– 3 layered cartons are mainly used for relatively small weights but are still strong and sturdy. The 3 layer sheet is formed by 2 outer paper layers, which can be individually selected and vary in strength, colour and water-resistance, and a waved interior known as the ‘flute’


– 5 layered cartons are mainly used with heaver or more valuable products such as furniture, ceramics and electronic equipment. The 5 layer sheet is formed again by 2 outer paper layers but with 2 flute layers on the interior and an extra paper layer in between the flute layers.

5 lop

– 7 layered cartons are extremely rigid and resistant to impact and are often used to transport high quality machinery and anything fragile or valuable. The 7 layer sheet is again formed by 2 outer paper sheets but with 3 flute layers on the interior with an additional 2 paper layers separating the flute layers.

7 lop7 lopb

The different available flutes: A, B, C, E, AB, BC:


–       A Flute: Wave height of 4.5 mm to 5.5 mm, withstands a force which disperses across the surface of the sheet.

–      B Flute: Wave height of 2 mm to 3.5 mm, withstands a high penetrating power.

–      C Flute: Wave of 3.5 mm to 4.5 mm

–      E Flute: Wave height of 1 mm to 1.2 mm, often used for light weight and compact packaging.

–      AB Flute: Wave height of 7 mm to 8 mm

–      BC Flute: Wave height of 6 mm to 7 mm

The specific quality and textures of the various layers can be specifically designed to the customer’s request. Outer layers can white, brown or yellow or a combination of a different colour on each side.

Paper Weight

We supply all kinds of paper weighing from 150 GSM to very high quality paper weighing 275 to 350 GSM.

Karta can supply various kinds of material including beautifully designed fruit crates to custom styled cartons.

Please contact us for more specific information!

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Date; 26-Mar-2014

Paper Edge capping’s

tải xuống (4)

Paper capping’s ( Corner Bracket/Angle nestled Paper) are made from many layers of paper hard pressed together to form a solid and very protective edge cover for furniture and home décor. Moulds can be pressed to fit any edge, corner, angle or shape. The length, width and all other dimensions can be made to specific customer requirements.

tải xuống (6)

Moulds are widely used to protect goods during transportation and storage. The damage that can be sustained during these phases is highly detrimental to a business and the customer’s perception of a business. Using traditional packaging only is not enough to provide complete protection, which is why protective edge and corner packaging solutions have become preferred.

Currently we are offering several forms of edge protectors ranging in edge length up to 90 mm with edge thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 5mm.

images (19)

Please contact us for more specific information!

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Date: 26-Mar-2015

What are edge Capping’s?

During the production, packaging and transportation processes goods can be arranged in a manner which can cause them to move around in their packaging, often causing unnecessary damage to the product before even reaching the customer. Using edge protectors not only provides additional protection to goods but also greatly assists by providing a much tighter fit, reducing movement of the merchandise.

tải xuống (4)

Edge capping’s (Corner Bracket/Angle nestled Paper) are often made of materials such as plastic, wood or metal yet a paper based edge capping can be cheaper and also more functional. You may wonder how a paper based edge capping can be so effective.

tải xuống (5)

To answer this we must understand how edge capping’s are made.

Firstly many sheets of paper are hard pressed together with a special type of glue. They are then moulded into the various shapes including the V shape seen below and held compressed until the capping is dry and rigid.

Being made of paper our edge capping’s still provide an excellent level of hardness. They are able to withstand substantial impact whilst still protecting the packed goods.

images (20) images (21)

All shapes, thicknesses and lengths can be cut to the specific requests of customers, meaning our paper edge capping’s can be tailored to fit any of your product needs.

Karta is well known as an expert in all honeycomb, paper and cardboard- based products with over ten years of experience supplying to many satisfied domestic and foreign companies. “Where the customer is honoured” is our motto at Karta, meaning you will feel extremely pleased to partner with us.

Contact us now to get the best support:

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Date: 26-Mar-2015

Honeycomb Paper Pallets

Honeycomb Paper Pallets are designed to bring the highest level of durability and load bearing capacity possible from a paper based product. These honeycomb pallets have the advantage of being light weigh, easy to transport and of course friendly to the environment.

Each Honeycomb pallet is treated with a mild disinfectant spray which ensures that no bacteria or mould will grow. Honeycomb pallets are a great alternative to traditional wooden or plastic pallets as they reduce the overall weight of you exports whilst also providing a safer platform for goods without any nails or sharp edges.

honeycomb pallet2

-Pallet thickness of 30mm accepts a force of: 1500 – 2500 Kg

-Pallet thickness of 20mm accepts a force of: 500 – 1500 Kg

-Pallets can be constructed to withstand a higher force if customers require.

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Date: 26-Mar-2015




Honeycomb paper is a simple, yet very versatile material which can be used for many packaging and building needs. Being primarily made from high quality recycled paper it is not only strong, light and ethical pleasing but also environmentally friendly. As the name suggest honeycomb paper is constructed with two outer paper sheets and a paper hexagonal interior, called the core, which resembles that of naturally occurring honeycomb. All dimensions, thicknesses and strength can be tailored for each customer.

The nature of the design means a much higher level of product protection can be attained by using Honeycomb paper compared to conventional cardboard. This means that there is often no need to use additional insulation foam in the packaging.

Honeycomb paper creates an elegant and quality feel to your packaging. When used to box Automobile parts, electronics, home décor and crafts etc… Honeycomb delivers a higher level of value and luxury to products.

Using Honeycomb products enables goods to bypass customs easily, avoiding fumigation, sterilization and heat treatment procedures that are a requirement for other wood based alternatives. Our Honeycomb paper is in line with the Environmental Protection Requirements of the United States and Europe, making it the best option for packaging goods for export.


– Light weight, less consumption of raw materials, low prices
– Not easily deformed, can resist high pressures.
– Good shock resistance, high elasticity
– Good temperature & sound-insulation.
– No environmental contamination & conforms both to the international and Vietnamese environmental standards.
– Save time & money.


We provide a range of Honeycomb products including; Honeycomb Carton, Honeycomb Paper Plate and Honeycomb Pallet.

The kind of paper honeycomb thickness from 10 cm to 50 cm, honeycomb hole from 13 mm to 25 mm. (with quantified 175gsm, 350gsm)


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Dated: 05-Mar-2015


Honeycomb paper summary


Honeycomb Paper is not new to the world packaging market and Vietnam also. This unique type of paper has its advantages of being compact, solid and also elastic to resist high levels of stresses and shockes. Often used in the packaging and carrying of goods but also has its place in architectural interiors i.e. doors and walls. Another advantage of honeycomb paper use will help low costs in export and production process.

In addition to practical uses, Honeycomb Paper is also environment – friendly. The raw material mostly made by recycled paper, which is easy to handle and non-toxic compared to hazardous materials being use currently. Using Honeycomb products may boost your reputation and in fact, it becomes one of the most favored products in many global manufacturing operations.

What is Honeycomb Paper?

Honeycomb Paper is simply a three layered material with its interior (core) resembling the hexagonally structured Honeycomb. This honeycomb core stands vertically in top and bottom Kraft/surface paper lies across horizontally, covering the internal structure. Each dimension of Honeycomb Paper may be changed to fit any requirements.

Properties of Paper honeycomb?

Honeycomb Paper is a superior material which shows high potential in the future. It can be proved in two main ways:

-Compact, Sturdy, hygroscopic and able to withstand vibrations whilst and strong elasticity. Honeycomb products are perfect for many exporting needs.

-Honeycomb products have a fast decomposition rate if dumped, causing no environmental pollution or can alternatively be recycled again into raw materials used to manufacture paper.  

How Honeycomb Paper is manufactured?

The easiest way to understand the production process of Honeycomb paper is by dividing it into three main phases:

-Manufacturing the core: includes stitch adhesive, pulling the core and cutting to the thickness required.

-Gluing the top and bottom adhesive layers to the core then pressing and drying.

-Finally cutting to the length and width required by the customer’s specifications.

Below is the manufacturing process in our Honeycomb Paper:



Application of honeycomb Paper products?

images (4)  images (6) images (7) images (9) images (10) images (11) imagesimages (5)

Honeycomb Paper may cater to a wide range of uses:

-Furniture and crafts: can be used in the making of tables, cabinets and simple furniture to lower the costs and increase its usefulness.

-The Decorative industry: can be used in producing many decorative items. Anything from; lighting, to tables, to interiors of cars and boats.

Packaging industry: Various forms of boxes and cartons can be made, including Durable Pallets that reduce the overall weight and cost for export.

-Mechanics: its sheets can be used for the inside of doors, furniture or walls and covered by layers of MDF, wood, plastic, aluminum or paper.

-Construction industry: can act as an insulating agent which provides an alternative way of soundproofing and insulating walls.  

-Honeycomb Pallets: perfect for lowering costs of exporting, a great choice for transportation.

Beside Honeycomb Paper, we are an expert in packaging solutions. Following the standards of the EU, US and Canadian market, we provide environment – friendly products that have no long-term damages. Please contact us now for FREE ADVICES about our products!


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